Initiatives | Sustainable Finance

January 12, 2023

Member countries of ASEAN have made significant commitments to foster sustainable development in the region and mitigate the social and environmental risks linked to climate change. In line with these commitments, the ACMF has agreed to prioritise the development of an open and vibrant ASEAN capital markets ecosystem that facilitates and mobilizes private sector capital for the financing of sustainable projects.

To help realize this goal, ACMF has developed the Roadmap for ASEAN Sustainable Capital Markets (Roadmap) comprising actionable recommendations to provide strategic direction and guide ACMF and its members in developing action plans and initiatives across the region, building on its recent efforts in the sustainability sphere. The Roadmap was developed through engagements with key stakeholders in ASEAN and beyond; analyses and comparison of relevant international, national, and regional roadmaps, as well as a review of publications and best practices from various industry groups and capital market participants.

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