Initiatives | Sustainable Finance

December 7, 2021

The “ASEAN SDG Bond Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Issuing SDG bonds in ASEAN” aims to be a primer for the issuance of SDG bonds in ASEAN. While recognizing that the SDG bond markets are nascent and market practices evolving, the toolkit sets out preliminary guidance on the key principles and processes that issuers can adhere to when issuing an SDG bond. These principles and processes are based on the best available international practices and experiences of successful examples of SDG bond issuances from ASEAN and other regions, as well as the needs of investors.


The ACMF, through the Asian Development Bank, commissioned the development of an ASEAN SDG bond toolkit as a key market education and capacity- building resource. The toolkit is part of a wider effort of the ACMF to expand the knowledge and understanding of ASEAN market participants about how to issue sustainable finance-themed bonds.

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