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About A-MDP:

A new initiative under the first priority of the Action Plan 2016-2020, the ACMF Market Development Programme (A-MDP) has been identified as a means to facilitate the development of domestic markets to ensure they achieve the depth and maturity required to enable meaningful participation in ACMF’s initiatives.

A space where member countries can access and provide information that will assist member countries in becoming more comfortable with their participation in ACMF initiatives, the A-MDP platform is also a place to share resources and expertise available in the region and to identify the specific needs of individual countries. Most importantly, this is where member countries can coordinate the capacity building programmes they have to offer and invite fellow members to also take part.

The main outcomes of A-MDP are to:

  • Identify the right capacity building programmes
  • Ensure more member countries are equipped to meet the prerequisites to participate in ACMF initiatives
  • Identify and develop a pool of regional experts

A-MDP will focus on four main areas for development:

  • Institutions and infrastructure
  • Regulatory framework
  • Market products and support
  • Assistance in policy-making process

A-MDP Working Group:

The A-MDP Working Group consists of director-level representatives from each member country and is led by two Co-Chairs. The roles and responsibilities of the Working Group are to:

  • Identify needs and priorities and implement the right capacity building programmes;
  • Develop annual capacity building plan;
  • Ensure support and participation by each member country in A-MDP initiatives;
  • Provide information on existing programmes in their respective countries that are available for participation by other member countries; and
  • Provide a progress update at every ACMF meeting.

On an as-needed basis, the Working Group will also consist of a Special Project Taskforce, for specific key projects that comprise of technical representatives and partner organisations. The Working Group also works closely with A-MDP Plus, which consists of partner organisations that aim to assist the Working Group in some initiatives, and the Secretariat, which is responsible for organising and preparing for the A-MDP meetings. In an advisory role, the ASEAN Secretariat also works closely with the Working Group, to ensure the agenda and implementation of the A-MDP is steered in the right direction.

The current A-MDP Co-Chairs are:

  1. Ms Teh Ija Mohd Jalil, Securities Commission Malaysia
  2. Mr Fakhri Hilmi, Indonesia Financial Services Authority

Contact the A-MDP Secretariat :

Name Institution Email Address Phone
Jennifer Lopez Securities Commission Malaysia JenniferL@sidc.com.my +603 6204  8602
Muhammad Aminuddin Mohd Jamil      Securities Commission Malaysia AminuddinM@seccom.com.my     +603 6204  8124      
Syamira Hatta Securities Commission Malaysia syamira@sidc.com.my +603 6204  8857

Annual Capacity Building Calendar:

Focused on the capacity building of capital market regulators in member countries, A-MDP’s Annual Capacity Building Calendar is a comprehensive guide to the programmes available for member countries to participate in.

ACMF-related Training Initiatives  Capital Market-related Training Initiatives  Other Training Initiatives

  Programme Dates Organiser Channel of Delivery Website & Contact Person
SEC Thailand Academy 2016 Collective Investment Scheme 27 – 29 January 2016 SEC Thailand Seminar Contact Person:
Nichaya Kosolwongse
Tel:+66 2 263 6221
  Global Emerging Markets Programme 2016
Risk and Vulnerability of Global Markets: Reinforcing Resilience in Emerging Markets
15 – 17 March 2016 SC Malaysia Conference and Workshops Website: www.sidc.com.my
Contact Person:
Syamira Hatta
 Tel : +603 6204 8857
Capacity Building on Collective Investment Schemes for the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) 25 - 29 April 2016 Indonesia FSA Conference and Workshops Website:www.ojk.go.id
Contact Person:
Yosua H. Nainggolan
Tel:+62 21 29600000
MAS-Toronto Centre Regional Leadership Programme for Securities Regulators 15 - 19 August 2016 MAS Academy Singapore Workshop Contact Person: Vanessa Tan
Vanessa_Tan@mas.gov.my /
 Tel: (65) 6422 5350
Islamic Markets Programme 2016 15 - 17
August 2016
SC Malaysia Conference and Workshops Website: www.sidc.com.my
Contact Person:
Syamira Hatta

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