Press Release

No. Topic Date Atachment
1/2019 ASEAN Capital Markets Forum Advances Regional Integration Efforts through Roadmap for Sustainable Capital Markets  March 18, 2019  
3/2018 ASEAN Capital Market Regulators Launch Professional Mobility Framework, Social and Sustainability Bond Standards  October 11, 2018  
2/2018 ASEAN Capital Market Regulators Welcome the Progress of the ASEAN Green Bond Standards and Agree to Implement Professional Mobility Framework to Drive Regional Connectivity  March 19, 2018  
1/2018 Retail investors in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand to have wider access to fund managers across the three countries February 26, 2018 
2/2017 Capital Market Regulators Launch ASEAN Green Bond Standards to Drive Sustainable Investments November 11, 2017
1/2017 The ASEAN Capital Markets Forum Collaborates with International Capital Market Association to introduce ASEAN Green Bond Standards March 13, 2017
2/2016 ASEAN Capital Market Regulators Intensify Efforts to Promote ASEAN Asset Classes September 9, 2016
1/2016 ASEAN Capital Market Regulators Roll Out Initiatives under ACMF’s New 5-Year Roadmap March 25, 2016
2/2015 ACMF Implements Streamlined Review Framework for Common Prospectus to Facilitate Cross Border Fund Raising and Investments September 2, 2015
1/2015 ACMF Facilitates Cross Border Fund Raising and Investments March 3, 2015

ACMF launched framework for the cross-border offering of ASEAN CIS August 25, 2014 Click
The release of the 2nd edition ASEAN Corporate Governance Country Report 
June 18, 2014
Appointment of Mr. Lee Boon Ngiap as the new Chairman of the ACMF  
April 1, 2014 Click
ACMF announced the Framework for the cross-border offering of ASEAN CIS  
October 1, 2013 Click
ASEAN Regulators Implement Cross Border Securities Offering Standards 
April 1, 2013
ASEAN  regulators  discuss  regional  cooperation  in  Islamic capital market 
January 18, 2013

ACMF Releases ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard March 23, 2012 Click

Appointment of Mr. Lee Chuan Teck as the new Chairman of the ACMF March 21, 2012 Click
ASEAN Corporations to Enjoy Expedited Review of Secondary Listings 
March 16, 2012
Appointment of Mr. Leo Mun Wai as the new Chairman of the ACMF  
September 19, 2011 Click
1/2010 ACMF Issues Strategic Direction for ASEAN capital market integration 
  • ACMF Strategic Direction
October 20, 2010 Click 
3/2009 ASEAN harmonizes to become globally competitive – An interview with THE ASSET Magazine by the ACMF Chairman October, 2009 Click
2/2009 Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand Implement the ASEAN and Plus Standards Scheme June 12, 2009
1/2009 ASEAN Securities Regulators Agree on Roadmap to Integrate Capital Markets by 2015 February 3, 2009
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