ACMF Initiatives

  1. The Implementation Plan 2009-2015

  2. The ASEAN Disclosure Standards

  3. Cross-Recognition of Qualifications on Education and Experience of Market Professionals
  4. The ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard   
  5. ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard – Country Reports and Assessments 2012-2013  
  6. Expedited Review Framework for Secondary Listings
  7. Framework for the Cross-Border Offering of ASEAN CISs  
  8. ASEAN Corporate Governance Country Reports and Assessments 2013-2014 
  9. Handbook for CIS Operators of ASEAN CISs  
  10. Handbook for Issuers making cross-border offers under the Streamlined Review Framework for the ASEAN Common Prospectus 
  11. ACMF Action Plan 2016-2020   
  12. FAQs on the ASEAN CIS Framework 
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